Esther: Table of contents



An Appreciated and Contested Book

Portrait of the Leading Characters

1. The Pagan World

2. Portrait of the Faithful

3. God’s presence and actions

The Book’s Literary Characteristics

1. Drama

2. Intrigue

3. Irony

4. Wisdom 

5. Dualities

6. A Structure in the Form of a Chiasm

7. Rhythm

8. The Denouement at the Book’s Center

Parallels to Other Bible Stories

The Book’s Message

1. Surviving in a hostile world

2. An Eschatological vision

Historical Context

Historical Background

Debate on the Book’s Historicity

Date and Author

Date of Redaction and the Story’s Historicity

The Author’s Identity


Spotlight on the World (Esther 1)

The Faithful Enter the Scene (Esther 2)

The Confrontation of Two Worlds (Esther 3)

Faith and Action of the Faithful (Esther 4)

Esther’s Patience and Haman’s Impatience (Esther 5)

Reversal of the Situation at the Heart of the Book (Esther 6)

The Condemnation of the Evildoer (Esther 7)

Eradication of Injustice (Esther 8)

Execution of Justice (Esther 9:1-16)

Redemption Preserved (Esther 9:17-10:3)


The Book of Esther in the Greek Septuagint Translation