Elijah (English)

Elijah between Judgement and Grace. Bible Commentary: 1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 2. Published 2015.

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How do judgement and grace interrelate? The eight chapters of 1-2 Kings dedicated to Elijah’s ministry revolve around the theme of immediate and distant retribution.

This commentary explains how Elijah’s ministry highlights God’s patience during the unique time of Israel’s monarchy (1-2 Kings). It explains and justifies “the theology of postponement”. It draws attention to the literary features of the text and uses the narrative characteristics of the stories to underline the author’s main message.

Elijah is known for his courage at Mt Carmel and his perseverance in prayer, but also for his fear before Jezebel, and his depression after failure. He is the first man implicated in a resurrection and the second to be raptured to heaven.  Fundamentally, Elijah is the prophet of judgement, but during his life, he had to learn more about God’s mercy.